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Monday, September 27, 2010



Sunday, September 26, 2010


After a week of slacking on my own personal "Post-ORD mood" celebration, I decided that it was just too unproductive and started searching for a job.

And all in all, thank God for His blessings and grace and everything upon me. I'm now currently being offered a job at NTUC Fairprice Co-operative Ltd. as a Inventory Controller, yay! And all the whole process only took a week, or more like 4 days. Isn't that amazing? :D

So here how it went... I started preparing my resume in the afternoon (which far too simple as according to Stell when I showed her on Friday during LG, somewhat sloppy) and sending them out on Monday evening to DHL and FedEx, praying to God that He'll provide me with a job that I would be happy with, and to be able to learn from. I trusted that all in all, wherever I landed in, was to His purpose and for His glory. Not sure why, but I felt that these two just wasn't gonna let me get a job with them. And came Tuesday, I decided to look out for more openings by searching on Job recruitment websites, and sent out to a couple of companies like Siemens (where I had my internship and the company was actually looking for what I had did while I was there), IKEA Tampines (wooohoo, I thought, and still think that this would be so fun!) and of course NTUC (cause I like walking through supermarkets? haha..) and Tuesday passed just like that.

On Wednesday morning, I got awaken by my Mum, who told me to get up to take a call, and while I was half sobber, I got on the phone. Immediately I was shocked to 100% awakeness when I heard that it was actually the HR personnel from NTUC on the line, asking me if it was alright for me to make my way down on Thursday eveing at 430pm for an interview.. Wheee, first interview!
Wow, that's pretty efficient of them huh?
That's not just it..

Thursday was a rainy day, just right before my interview, and I got slightly drenched. Thank God that He only allowed the rain to really pour after I got into the building, cause I prayed and asked Him to hold it back, so that I won't look like a "wet chicken" for my first interview, only to leave a bad impression. Adn Thank God, He did. I stared outside from within the shelther, and praised Him, cause I couldn't really see much other than rain drops, that was how heavy the rain was. And you know, I was pretty nerveous and all, not very well prepared, but I just kept praying for God's peace to be with me, that I may at lesat survive through the interview.

Interviews are scary, especially your first.

During the Interview, I was literally sitting on one buttcheek all the while (should be the left one if I didn't recall wrongly, haha) and stuttered for like half the time, even though it was just two person interviewing me, the HR girl and my future supervisior, if I accept the job. I was totally scrutinised throughout the whole 45mins, even though I did run some possible questions that they would ask me. 5years of life summarized in an interview that long, the rest were really insignificant. I felt so worthless (no worth, not the opposite) after the interview. D:

As I walked out of the interview room, the two interviewrs stayed in their chairs, and they told me that they would get back to me in 1-2weeks time IF I am one of the shortlisted candidates. I couldn't help myself thinking of what they were discussing about after the interview right then in the room, must be an epic fail.. Ahhhh! I felt so unprepared. I was just reeling away from the experience on the way to the bus stop, telling myself "Oh I should have spent last week reading up notes and preparing myself for interviews instead of slacking and playing computer game, ARgh!" Reading up some notes would have been some sort of prep, at least.

I had trouble sleeping that night. When I close my eyes, I would just recall on what happened during the interview and how BAD it was. I had to pray for God to give me peace to sleep before I could fall asleep. =/


Okay, that is my ringtone, and was the first thing that I had heard on Friday morning. I picked up the call sounding sleepish, and it was actually the HR girl from NTUC! :O

So embrassing, haha. She even asked if I was still in bed, and was it convenient for me to talk, lol.

Yup, I was totally shocked to even get a call from her, cause it's just too fast. She told me that they were willing to offer me the position (Inventory Controller), and actually asked for my immediate reply, Yes or No.

I'm totally stunned.

I'm now comtemplating whether to take up the job or not.. But I most probably will. Thank you people who kept me in prayers as I did my job search. (:

Isn't that amazing and wonderful of God? How much grace He has poured upon my life! :D

Some take a month, some take a year, but I only take a week with the help of my God, for He is able!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yet another option is placed before me, Oh Lord, lead me to where you want me to go..


Wew, ORD loh! :D

Well, apart from just ORD-ing today, I went on a shopping spree, or somewhat like that... Got for myself a New Earpiece - MylarOne Bijou3 and a DSLR Camera - Canon 550D (YES FINALLY!!! :D). Can I say that I'm to take this as an ORD reward, a chance to pamper myself? :O

No, haha. It's just that I've been waiting for tooooooo long, and now is the time. (:

I also got hooked up with an ushering job, ad-hoc basis for BARNEY's SPACE ADVENTURE by my sis, yay. The pay is pretty awesome, $10/hr. Lol.. I just realised that I've NEVER EVER watched a single episode of Barney on TV, cause I totally hate it! Ewww! You monsterous Purple Thing.


Tiring day.
I want more freebies for my camera please, Uncle Liang and Aunty Bacheus! :O


Saturday, August 28, 2010

新歌心唱 (Chinese Songfest) was quite a shocker. The person who won the 1st prize was very much one whom I didn't expect.

A China man.

He sang like some patriotic "China style" song, Totally Epic.. Something about evangelising and spreading the gospel to BIG CHINA. Even the music arrangement was.. EPIC.

I'm very impressed with the band who played throughout the whole of the event too. John, Alwyn and Yvonne - they are the pros man. With super tight playing and awesome craft on their instrument, they're impressive.

So much for songfest, hope that I'll be able to write a song out by November in time for submission for the English Songfest.. (;


Monday, August 23, 2010

Yeehaw! It's been long since I've last posted, haha... Just lazy, sorry.
Just loaded up some photos onto FB, of which I used Jane's camera (Nikon D90), to take, which she had kindly loan to me..
Thank you Jane!!! (;

Leaders' Retreat was great. The Spirit of the Lord was with us there, and He used Samson to share with us a strong message, which I can't remember any now. Blame it on my poor memory, and I didn't jot down notes! ):
Am begging Sam to send me the points now, will update when it's ready..

Bryan, my NS bunk mate, flew back to California on 11th..
He's a very disciplined Gym goer, and his physic looked really different from the time I first saw him, haha. All bulky now.
He's been great person to joke with, too. Cheerful and all..
Went to the airport to send him off..
Bye bye little boy, hope you like your farewell gift..

I had to give High Praise a pass due to Sweep tasking for YOG, zzz..
Seriously wasted quite alot of time- @ Singapore Sports School..

Melissa's grandma passed away..
Attended the funeral, and the last one I had attend was my grandpa's, which was like idk... 18years ago?
Cracked a lame joke, which deserve beating..
Sorry Mer..
Take care!

I'm now officially the leader of Daniel LG, whee~
So we had lunch over @ Ning's place just on the Saturday that had passed..
Thank you very much Aunty Kim for preparing all the delicious dishes!
The turn up wasn't as expected, but it's okay, it just means more food per person to eat, haha! (:
Share a vision with the group anyway.. iLove-
Thank you, dear members for your support.
Let us move on with this new vision, into a greater future! (:

(The picture is Hillsong's IHEART, taken during Hillsong Conference 2010)

Went around The Adelphi mall on Sunday to check out Jaben Networks, for a new earpiece..
That mall is actually just opposite Funan IT mall, which I hadn't known only until now, lol..
My old earpiece is in a VERY BAD STATE. ):
Sadly I can't do a one-for-one exchange, cause it's past its warranty period.
Should have changed one before it expired, tsk.
But thank God, the person says that I can trade in my old one, and get a new one at a discounted rate. (:
Looking through reviews now, and will have to decide and buy on this weekend, cause AHM is coming up, and I don't wanna run without music, cause I think I'll die of boredom, or just simply shag-out. ):

Oh, and also went online to look for DSLR cameras.. really wanna get a Canon 550D..
But some reviews says Nikon D5000 is a better buy.
Now, I'm stuck between two.


Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Doink!! (:
Had dinner over @ Doyle's house on Sunday.
Janielle is so adorable, so pinchable :D
Food by Uncle Thomas is umm!!